Last Day of School 2016-2017


Band & Choir May Concert


Carnival Masks by Mrs. Hardesty's Class


8th Grade Gold Plus Card Recipients

7th Grade Gold Plus Card Recipients

7th Grade Science

7th grade science students did a lab on the movement of molecules through a selectively permeable membrane for short: A lab demonstrating Passive Transport using an egg .



Band Winter Concert


Choir Winter Concert

Beta Induction

NMS Beta Induction Ceremony was held on December 7, 2016.  We are very proud of the 7th and 8th grade students who have chosen to serve others by being a part of the NMS  Beta Club.

7th & 8C Plays




Eighth grade students in the Advanced Robotics class at NMS used their knowledge of gears to design and construct mechanisms that would allow their robots to increase their speed.  Once they finished the construction and programming of their robots, the students held a race to see which robot was the fastest.



Mrs. Hardesty's Class Bowls for Special Olympics



"As a culmination to their unit on French foods and drinks, Madame Gallion's 8th grade French class recently took a field trip to La Madeleine, in Baton Rouge. There, they could taste-test some authentic French dishes like a croque-monsieur or quiche.  Students enjoyed some delicious desserts to finish lunch. Once they returned to NMS, students were able to try various French cheeses including Camembert and some goat's cheese (for the adventurous ones!) as well as some Orangina."


Food Drive Great Success! Thank you NMS Students & Faculty!





Mannequin Challenge







Mrs. Hardesty's Class Has Fun at the Fair


The Great Debate washington

Ms. Washington’s 8th Grade ELA students watched a clip of CNN Student News’ Third and Final Presidential Debate. While the clip played, students and teachers completed the activity “Check the Strategy” which identifies persuasive writing strategies.  

Students and teachers marked a “C” for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee, and a “T” for Donald Trump, the Republican Party Presidential Nominee, when they heard each specific persuasive strategy on individual forms.  At the end of the video, everyone was asked to tally only the “C’s” and “T’s” from the sections titled “Claims”, “Logos”, and “Research”.

This information would provide who “won” the debate based on facts and logic for the portion of the clip viewed and only for the final debate.
Students and teachers were surprised at the overall outcomes but discussed because all three debates were not watched entirely and checked for all persuasive strategies, results were not necessarily insightful to the actual outcomes.  However, everyone agreed that the persuasive strategies categories of “Big Names”, “Pathos”, “Ethos”, and “Kairos” were used much more than “Claims”, “Logos”, and “Research” during the clip.

Letters About Literature Contest Winners


This is a contest sponsored by The Library of Congress, and each state chooses three winners per age division to send to represent the state in the national contest. The student write a letter to his or her favorite author about how the literature has made a difference in perception or understanding of the world. Danielle  won first place for her letter to Katherine Paterson and won $100. Lauren  won second place for her letter to Rick Riordan and won $75. Cooper  won third place for his letter to John Flanagan and won $50. All three students will be honored at a ceremony at the Louisiana Book Festival on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Danielle, as first place winner, will read her letter at the ceremony.

8th Grade Health CPR


7th Grade Studies Lab Safety Symbols


Dessert Show October 20, 2016


Mrs. Gallion's French classes enjoy outdoor games of petanque


8th Grade with NWS Meteorologists


The Beta Club’s Showcase Your Kindness Day was Tue., Oct 4 for our pep rally.  Each team wore a different color to represent an act of kindness: 7A pink to represent loyalty and sweetness, 7B  green for generosity and service, 7C  purple for nobility and wisdom, 8A blue for peace and harmony, 8B yellow for hope and friendship, 8C red for love and compassion,  and administration, explore, and support staff, white for humility and goodness. blue yellow