Textbooks and Library Books

Students turn in their textbooks to their homeroom classes (NOT the office or the library) on these dates:

Monday, April 28:  social studies

Tuesday,  April 29:  English

Wednesday, April 30: All textbooks must be turned in to be eligible for exam exemptions.

Friday, May 2: All library books are due

Exam Days

Students qualify for exemptions only if:

a. All textbooks and library books have been returned and/or paid for if lost by Friday, May 2nd.

b. All lunch money has been paid.

Monday, May 19 is a regular school day. We are on activity schedule! If you are exempt from all exams we will have to mark you as absent should you choose not to come.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, May 20-22 – students who have early morning exam or first exam each day and do not have the 2nd exam will be allowed to leave if picked up by carpool. ONLY those who are regular walkers will be allowed to walk.

2nd exam finishers are out at 10:30. Those students must wait one hour until EVERYONE dismisses at 11:30.


Northwestern Middle Handbook 13-14